Hamari Devrani was an Indian television soap opera which aired on Star Plus between 2008 and 2012. It revolved around the fictitious Nanavati family living in a large mansion inAhmedabadGujarat.

Hamari Devrani

हमारी देवरानी


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Genre Soap opera
Created by Shobhana Desai Productions

Star Plus Team

Written by Story

Raakesh Paswan Sreenplay Mrinal Tripathi Dialogue Dr Achala Nagar Writers Amitabh Singh Pawan K Sethhi

Directed by Pawan Sahu

Vikram Labhe Suraj Rao

Starring See Below
Opening theme Music Director

Gaurang Vyas

Country of origin India
Originallanguage(s) Hindi


No. of episodes Total 951
Producer(s) Shobhana Desai
Editor(s) Jaskaran

Rajnikant Inderjit

Location(s) Ahmedabad
Camera setup Multi-camera
Original channel Star Plus
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original run May 26, 2008 – February 3, 2012


  [hide*1 Broadcasting


The show was broadcast over four years on India's No. 1 channel, Star Plus. It aired Mon–Fri at 1:30PM IST.


Devrani revolved around the story of the rich Nanavati family based in AhmedabadGujarat,India. Devkiben is a single mother of six sons and a daughter (who lives in Canada with her in-laws). The five eldest daughter-in-laws Manjula, Parul, Alpa, Jalpa and Rajeshwari are evil and want an uneducated woman to be the wife of the family's youngest son Mohan, so they do not have to give Mohan and his wife the share from the family's money. They marry Mohan to Bhakti who, although is uneducated and parent-less (her maternal grandmother raised her), is full up good deeds. The eldest daughter-in-laws play many dirty pranks on Bhakti, but are unsuccessful most of the time. They eventually start to like Bhakti.

Then Padmini is introduced. She loves Mohan and kidnaps the pregnant Bhakti so as to marry Mohan, but she is caught by the police. Bhakti dies giving birth to a mentally disabled daughter, Astha.

Seventeen years later[edit]Edit

Astha is raised by all her aunties with love and care. Raj then comes into the story, whom a priest says his first wife will die. Raj and Shikha (Padmini's daughter, adopted by the Nanavati family) love each other, but cannot marry as Raj's first wife will die. They create a plan so as Raj marries Astha, as she is mentally ill and won't matter if she dies. After the marriage, Astha shows no signs of death, so Raj, with the help of Shikha and his aunt Rasila plan to murder Astha and 'get-it-over-and-done-with', Astha miraculously survives, and the five daughter-in-laws attempt to seek revenge from Raj and Rasila, and they succeed.

Then Mohan marries Vrinda so ace woman who the Navavati bahus think is here to steal the money. They eventually realise that Vrinda is a nice woman. Then comes another twist; the Nanavatis' only daughter's family comes to steal the money from the Nanavati house. They kidnap Aastha; but she is rescued by Vrinda; and the kidnappers are jailed. The story ends with the Nanavati family celebrating Vrinda's pregnancy.


Character Played by Roles
Main characters
Mohan Nanavati Madhav Deochake / Paresh Bhatt Male protagonist; Youngest Nanavati son
Bhakti Mohan Nanavati Krishna Gokani Female protagonist; wife of Mohan; Deceased
Aastha Nanavati Vidhi Sindhwad Female protagonist; daughter of Mohan & Bhakti
Vrinda Mohan Nanavati Eva Ahuja Female protagonist; Mohan's second wife
Supportive characters
Purushottam Das Nanavati Shreekant Soni Eldest Nanavati; Father of six sons; deceased
Devki Purushottam Das Nanavati Zankhana Sheth Eldest Nanawati; Mother of six sons; deceased
Jayant Nanavati Sameer Rajda Eldest Nanavati son
Manjula Jayant Nanavati Urvashi Upadhyay Eldest daughter-in-law; semi-antagonist
Sannat Nanavati Kaushal Shah Second Nanavati son
Parul Sannat Nanavati Kalyani Thakkar Second daughter-in-law; semi-antagonist
Mukesh Nanavati Ajay Parekh Third Nanavati son
Alpa Mukesh Nanavati Bhoomi Shukla Third daughter-in-law; semi-antagonist
Ketan Nanavati Mihir Rajda Fourth Nanavati son
Jalpa Ketan Nanavati Manisha Dave Fourth daughter-in-law; semi-antagonist
Gautam Nanavati Manas Shah Fifth Nanavati son
Rajeshwari Gautam Nanavati Neelam Panchal Fifth daughter-in-law; semi-antagonist
Other characters
Daksha Deepak Patel Purbi Joshi Nanavatis' only daughter
Kashi "Naani", "Moti Baa" Bhakti's maternal grandmother
Padmini Mohan's lover; antagonist; in jail
Shikha Ekta Saraiya Padmini's daughter; adopted by Nanavati family; antagonist
Raj / Shekhar Winy Tripathi Aastha's ex-husband; Shikha's lover; antagonist
Rasila Shekhar's aunt; antagonist
Ladoo Gopal Raunak Soni Aastha's imaginary friend (Lord Krishna)
Dev Lavanya Bhardwaj Aastha'a village friend
Kunal Vrinda's younger brother
Sadanand Girish Solanki Nanavati servant
Sabarmati Aarti Malkan Nanavati servant
Hasmukh Bhakti's father (abandoned her)
Gayatri Bhakti's mother; deceased
Ayush Jayant Nanavati Jayant and Manjula's son
Tejas Jayant Nanavati Jayant and Manjula's son
Cheeni Ayush Nanavati Ayush's wife
Meenakshi Tejas Nanavati Tejas' wife
Sweety Sannat & Parul's daughter
Paresh Kumar Sweety's husband




Hamari Devrani replaced the popular show Bhabhi