India's Dancing Superstar[1] is a dance reality television series which premiered on Star Plus channel on April 27, 2013.

The group MJ-5 ( literally meaning Michael Jackson 5 but popularly known as the Moonwalk Magicians)from Delhi which included Karthik, Shraey Khanna, Rohit Singh, Himanshu Gola and Vishnu Sharma were the winners of the competition and got the IDS trophy as well as 50 lakhs with their dance, entertainment and their unbelievable and unimaginable moonwalks.

India’s Dancing Superstar is an Indian dance reality show, bringing together talent from all over India on one platform. This show is unique in itself as it follows a flexible rulebook. It says that in India’s Dancing Superstar, there is absolutely no limit on age and dance style and it invites dance talent across all age groups in the country, despite a person from USA going to the auditions and a person from Nepal being selected as a contestant.


  [hide*1 Judges and Hosts

Judges and Hosts[edit]Edit

This competition was being judged by Geeta Kapoor, a Bollywood choreographer, Riteish Deshmukh, a Bollywood actor and Ashley Lobo, also a choreographer who owns the Danceworx Academy (1998) and The Danceworx Repertory Company (2001). India’s Dancing Superstar was hosted by Aishwarya Sakhuja and Ravi Dubey. The show was also Riteish Deshmukh's debut as a judge on television.


Around 67,912 contestants in the age group of 5-75 years from 18 cities have participated in India’s Dancing Superstar. The trio of judges gave away the ‘Sapno Ka Ticket’ to the 72 participants selected during the Dance Trials. They were supposed to give 60 but they made some exceptions. The ticket gave the participants a chance to continue performing in the competition.

The Super 60 Round[edit]Edit

After dance trials came super 60. 72 participants were divided into 12 batches of 6, and the performers had to perform within the limit of 1 minute. From each batch, 2 from the 6 performers were selected to which the judges gave 'Sahas Ka Ticket', resulting to take 24 contestants to the next round.

The Face-Off Round[edit]Edit

Next came Face-Off round, where matches where brought between two competitors and to the winner they gave Stardom Ka Ticket. It would have brought 12 contestants but the judges made an exception for Amardeep Singh Natt and took him as the 13th contestant.


After the Face-Off round, altogether there were 13 contestants in the next round. They were:

Contestant Position
MJ 5 Winners

on 3rd August 2013

Akshay Pal Runners-Up

on 3rd August 2013

Padimini and Debashish Third Place

on 3rd August 2013

Loyola Dream Team Fourth Place

on 3rd August 2013

Palden and khyati 5th place

on 3rd August 2013

Amardeep Singh Natt Eliminated 9th
D Maniax Eliminated 8th
Vikas Sawant Eliminated 7th
Suniti Chayal Eliminated 6th
Subranil Paul Eliminated 5th
Hansvi Tonk Eliminated 4th
Mohit and Ana Eliminated 3rd
Sadhwi Majumdar Eliminated 2nd
Sushant Khatri Eliminated 1st

Top 5 (Finalists)

MJ5- winner

Akshay Pal-runner's up

Padmini and Debasish -3rd

Loyola Dream Team - 4th

Palden and Khyati - 5th


India's Dancing Superstar aired every Saturday-Sunday on Star Plus channel at 9pm IST. Grand Finale was aired on 3rd August 2013.

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