The first season of Junior MasterChef Swaad Ke Ustaad is broadcast on Star Plus from 17 August, 2013 on every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm. 

Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad
Genre Cooking
Starring Vikas KhannaKunal Kapur & Chef Jolly
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
No. of episodes 16 as from 6th october
Location(s) Mumbai
Original channel Star Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV1080i (HDTV)
Original airing 17th august 2013
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Audions started as soon as masterchef India 3 ended and dates were told,people from all over India had to go to either Delhi,Kolkata and Mumbai.

Contestants Place
Emanuel Chauhan
Sarthak Bharadwaj
Devender Singh
Sakshi Tripathi
Harshika Doshi
Pammi Singh Eliminated 5th 6th place
Roshan Shaw Eliminated 4th 7th place
Sanya Raheja Eliminated 3rd 8th place
Soham Raje Eliminated 2nd 9th place
Khyati Hari Eliminated 1st 10th place


OUR judges are:- Vikas KhannaKunal Kapur And Chef jolly

Contestants profile[edit]Edit

1-Emanuel Chauhan is a tiny tornado and is very creative! His creativity reflects in his cooking. He is energetic and at times can be messy in the kitchen. Chef Vikas has given him the title of Bal Bachchan as he gave a long winded explanation for how he came up with the Barfiley Sholey trick. With Emanuel you sure can expect the unexpected!

2-Sarthak Bhardwaj is a young boy for Dehradun. He is in the eight standard. He started cooking because he owns a small stall. In the absence of his mother he helps himself too. His other hobbies are playing football. His mom says he is a very responsible kid.

3-Devendra Singh was taught cooking by his bhabhi. Apart from cooking his other hobby is acting. He has never cooked non - veg. He wants to grow up and become famous, thus making his family proud.

4-Harshieka Doshi has been cooking for the past year and a half. She also loves doing magic tricks and participates in extracurricular activities in school. She is very sensible, sensitive and mature for her age and is very protective about her younger sister

5-Pammi Singh loves cooking and also talking. She loves dancing as well, but is not allowed to pursue it. Cooking is encouraged at home.She started cooking when her mum took ill and has been cooking from the age of eight.

6-Sakshi Tripathi has been cooking for the past three years. She also likes cycling and bharatnatyam. She is very talkative and wants to be a chef when she grows up. When she is angry she puts a lot of spice in her food and when she is happy she puts lots of sugar into it. She has lately won a badge for Masterchef.

7-Sanya Raheja comes from a family of doctors. She however wants to be a chef or in other words a food doctor. She is a gymnast and is studios too. She is particularly fond of Italian and Thai food. She maintains a recipe diary.But she got eliminated.

8-Soham Raje loves eating as much as he loves cooking. He has a gang in school.He loves non - veg food and is not fond of vegetables. He is very carefree and is a huge foodie. He also loves horse riding and playing drums.He also got eliminated

9-Khyati Hari learnt cooking as she loves eating and it inspired her. It was her mom who guided her. She has been cooking from the age of eight. She is both shy and sensitive. Her father has a hotel in Masoori that is run by him.she got eliminated.

10-Roshan belongs to a middle class family in Jharkhand. His parents run a ladies' tailor shop and he also helps them sometimes. He cooks daily at home, inspite of his elder sister being at home. His mom works and spends most of the time at the shop, hence he has to cook for his family and sometimes also for the workers working at the shop. His mom says he is not good in studies but he is very fond of cooking. He has been cooking for the past 1 year. but he was shocked after his elimination.


On Social networking site facebook this show is popular by having 2,724 likes in its first week run.

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