Kaali – Ek Punar Avatar (or simply Kaali) was an Indian crime fiction TV series which aired on Star Plus. The story based on the famous Nitish Katara murder case where a mother fights and gets justice for her son.[1] It premiered 3 December 2012.


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Kaali - Ek Punar Avatar

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Genre Crime fiction
Written by Kamal Pandey,yogesh vikrant
Directed by Dinesh Mahadev
Starring See Below
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes Total 69
Running time 20 minutes
Original channel Star Plus
Original run 3 December 2012 – 8 March 2013
Preceded by Kaali - Ek Angpariksha
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The Show is based on famous Nitish Katara murder case where a mother fights and gets justice for her son. It will end on 8 March to make way for new show Masterchef India 3. Nimai and Sayali love each other but Sayali's dad Rajan Tyagi and her brother Samar Tyagi don't want Sayali to get married to a middle-class family so they kill him and say that he committed suicide. Later they accuse the Late Nimai of killing Keshav, But Nimai's mum Vaani Rajans finds out that Samar Tyagi killed her son and decides to get justice for her son. Later comes a new character under cover police officer Dev who has come to protect Vaani and her family. Sayali runs away from home and a lawyer Rajneesh Patak finds Sayali and takes her home. When Rajan Tyagi finds out that Rajneesh is a lawyer he asks him to fight for his case and marry Sayali, Sayali and Rajneesh get engaged. Samar gets arrested by Dev and Rajan says to Rajneesh if he doesn't bail his son and win the case he'll kill his mum. Later on in the show Rajneesh decides that he doesn't was to fight the case for Rajan Tyagi. Later Rajneesh's mum is in Rajan Tyagi's custody.They all go to court and Rajneesh is scared to say anything against Rajan because he's scared that he'll harm his mum. But then remembers what his mum said to him and decides to go against Rajan. He shows the court a video in which Rajan and Samar have confessed everything and Sayali rescues Rajneesh's mum, Rajan and Samar go to jail. The show ends with Sayali and Rajneesh getting married and Paanki (Vaani's daughter) and Dev fall in love and are going out with each other.


Character Portrayed by Note
Vaani Mangal Kenkre Nimai's mother
Nimai Aanshul Trivedi Vaani's son (Male Lead) (Dead)
Sayali Sonali Nikam Nimai's finance (Female Lead)
Dev Arjun Bijlani Paanki's boyfriend (Police)
Paankhi Aneri Vajani Nimai's sister
Samar Deepak Wadhwa Sayali's brother (Antagonist)
Rajkumar Tyagi Sudhir Nimai Sayali's father(Antagonist)