Navya is an Indian television drama series that aired on Star Plus. The series premiered on 4 April 2011, and is produced by Swastik Pictures. Originally on the 10:00 p.m. slot, it was scheduled to be taken of air on February 2012, to be replaced with Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein.[1] However, in a last minute change, it was moved to the 6:00 p.m. slot instead.,[2] The series initially received high rating, but after a change in concept of youth show to family drama, the rating fell and the series was pulled off air in June 2012.


  [hide*1 Plot

Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal

Logo of Navya

Format Drama
Created by Vivek Bahl
Written by *Vikas Bahl
  • Sonali Jaffar
  • Saba Mumtaz
  • Bhavana Vyas
  • Avantika Sahir
  • Gautam Hegde
  • Janaki V
  • Rekha Babbal
  • Preiti Magmain
  • Vinod Sharma
  • Mirduta Sharma
Directed by Ravi Bhushan & Jeetu Arora
Creative director(s) Prathyusha J
Starring Shaheer SheikhSoumya Seth
Theme music composer Vishal-Shekhar
Opening theme "Bekaboo" by Shilpa Rao
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi

(English subtitles in the UK)

No. of episodes 331
Producer(s) *Siddhart Kumar Tewary
  • Gayatri Gill Tewary
  • Rahul Kumar Tewary (Swastik Pictures)
Editor(s) Varun Mehndiratta
Cinematography Madhu Vannier, Jagtar S Mangal
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel STAR Plus/STAR Utsav
Picture format *576i (SDTV)
Original run April 4, 2011 – June 29, 2012
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Anant was seen by Navya's mother when he surprised her to wish her happy birthday.[3] Their fate remains unknown. Later her mother starts to doubt Navya therefore she requests Renuka to talk to her about it. Navya confesses about Anant and her relationship. Renuka keeps this a secret from her mom. But later Navya's mother learns about the relationship. Navya's mother is very disturbed to learn about the relationship, decides to send Navya to Kanpur with her dadi and tells Navya that she will not be in touch with Anant.

Anant's cousin's wedding is in Kanpur and he was sure that Navya is invited because he see the name of her father and dadi on a card. After two weeks the wedding come closer and then there comes another problem. Father and his baba wants Anant to stay home and look their business. Anant's brother says that Anant should go with them. His chahcha ji can stay at home and says that with this he will know about his responsibilities. His baba says that Anant can go to Kanpur.

In Kanpur at the wedding when Navya's mother learns that Anant is there, she keeps Navya away from him. Anant doesn't want to stay away. He meets Navya but Navya's mother see him with her. She took both to a corner to warn Anant that why he is not stopping she don't want any problem. Navya's father listens and remembers that hewas there on Valentine's Day and he wants to know all about between them navya mom wants to stop his father but she cannot stop navya father at that time anant father come to talk to Anant that why he is not with his family and go back then navya's father comes to know that he is anant father and go to met anant father to meet and talk about his son he explained all to his father and says false about anant and his family anant father get angry and say that this is not about only anant there was also your daughter navya and they all fight anant family goes there and navya family too anant father says anant to forget navya and navya father was very disheartened and say navya to forget anant.

Anant's baba agree that Navya and Anant can marry but there is some reason they said if she will be in their house. She would be forced to follow their in-laws; they will go to Navya's house to fix Anant and Navya's alliance. Navya then is getting ready for Anant's family to go and see her when she remembers she has to cook something for them. With help from her mother, she makes some sAmosa. Anant's family arrives 15 minutes early so she rushes to get ready with the help of Appy and Rits. Navya feels nervous and does not want to go out. Anant makes an excuse of going bathroom and calls Navya from there and asks her to come out soon. As Navya comes out, she and Anant accidentally hit each other. Anant's family agrees to the wedding. Anant goes to Navya's house to take her to clooage, he accidentally calls her dad papa and she tells appy and rits and they laugh at him. he swears revenge.

Cast and charactersEdit

Characters Age Portrayed by Relevance Description
Mishra family
Deepak Mishra 51 Gireesh Sahedev Navya’s father He is a caring and loving father who is overprotective. He has a set off strict rules for Navya to safeguard her from the bad world outside. His dream for his daughter is to get a college degree followed by a happy married life. He gets angry on learning of Navya's affair but later learns that Anant and Navya's love is true. He goes to fix alliance and got insulted. Anant came and apologised to him. Later Shankar (Anant's grandfather) agree to fix an alliance.
Neeta Mishra 48 Kshitee Jog Navya’s mother She is an exemplary housewife and mother. She is talkative, friendly and lovable, and her world centres around her husband and children. She firmly believes that women should make compromises if that is required for the larger happiness of the family.
Dadiji Mishra 68 Navya's Grandma (Deepaks Mum) She is a loving grandmother who cares for her children. She spoils Harsh as he is the only boy and the youngest of the family. Dadiji understands what Navya is going through and helps her along the way and she knows when something is wrong and Navya is trying to hide it. She is very comical and brings happiness to the family when they are all down.
Harsh Mishra 18 Navya’s brother Being the only son of the family, Harsh is spoilt by his grandmother. He is quite mischievous and loves landing Navya in trouble.
Renuka 23 Shruti Sharma Navya’s sister Navya's eldest married sister who has a daughter. She is married to Gautam.
Gautam 25 Navya’s brother in law He is Renuka's husband who has extramarital affairs, ignores his family, and enjoys life. He is the father of Renuka's daughter.
Bajpai family
Navya Anant Bajpai 21 Soumya Seth Female protagonist She is a simple, sweet next-door girl. Her family is quite conservative and she tries to strike a balance between traditions and modernity to keep herself and her family happy. She is innocent, sweet and believes in fairytale romances. She has two best friends Ritika (Ritz) and Appy. She falls not in love with Anant. Later her mother found out her affair and sent her to kanpur. But navya an anant didn't stop loving each other. When the family of each other's comes to know about their relationship they get angry. Navya's dad understood that she truly loves ananat and even anant also does the same. depak goes to fix alliance but was insulted. But anant's baba never wants to meet navya's family and fix the alliance.
Anant Bajpai 21 Shaheer Sheikh Male Protagonist He is a 22-year-old boy. On the surface he looks like any urban guy with a modern approach to life, but deep inside he is a traditionalist. He respects the concept of arranged marriage and joint family. He willingly follows whatever course that his family charts for him without any protests. When he sees Navya he falls in love with her. He has kissed her six times. He proposed to navya first. He is cool and dashing.
Om Prakash Bajpai 55 Achal Nagesh Anant’s Father He is a true traditionalist who runs a publishing house. He has a sharp tongue and is a stern father. He respects and loves his father more than anyone in the world and wants to make him proud and happy in whatever he does.
Sugandha Bajpai 53 Hemaakshi Ujjain Anant’s Mother She is a conformist and an ideal daughter-in-law. She shoulders all the household responsibilities. She is a loving and caring mother to Anant and the only family member who understands Anant’s ambiguities.
Shankar Dayal Bajpai 71 Anant’s grandfather He is the backbone of the Bajpai family. He strongly believes in family values and traditions. He is an eminent speaker and often lectures people about traditions and their relevance. In all senses, he is a self-made man, and it is for this reason that he is highly respected by everyone, including his near and dear ones.
Sanjay Bajpai 52 Farukh Saeed Anant's uncle He is the father of Nimisha. He is not really involved with the family business. He didn't wanted Nimisha to get engaged so fast.
Nimisha Bajpai 18 Shivani Surve Anant’s cousin She is chirpy and full of life. Though, this attitude often lands her in trouble at home. She is getting married to Nikhil
Rama Bajpai 23 Snigdha Pandey Anant’s sister-in-law She is from Banaras and Anant's elder brother Mohan's Wife. She tries to get Anant married with her sister.
Mohan Bajpai 24 Rohit Bharadwaj Anant's brother He is scared to ask his father and his grandfather something. Rama doesn't like that. He doesn't wants Shagun to marry Anant.
Saraswati 68 Anant's Bua dadi widow having lots of attitude..bosses around the whole bajpai family.she is so old so that she believes in all those old things like after 12th or may be before 12th girls should get married and even love marriage is not allowed and boys do not have any girl as his friend and girls do not have any girl as her friend in fact the family members have to take permission to love that's funny na well there is a problem that she lives with anant's family as her son and daughter-in-law lives in USA and she believes in that old Indian women can't live in USA.
Ritika Joshi 19 Vinita Joshi Thakkar Navya’s friend She is Navya childhood friend and shares a great rapport with her. She is chirpy and has an extravagant lifestyle. She likes to experiment and has a creative side to her. Her boyfriend is Ranbir.
Appy 19 Farhina Parvez Jarimari Navya’s friend She is also Navya’s childhood friend. Her chirpiness and innocence makes her incredibly lovable. She shares a great bond with Navya. Sometimes she gets close to Anant's friend Harry.
Ranbir 19 Rehan Sayed Ritika's boyfriend and Anant's friend He is Anant's childhood friend .He and Ritika share a great love relationship.
Harry 19 Meer Ali Anant's friend He is Anant's friend. He is very naughty and sometimes get close to Appy.
Shagun 19 Danica Moadi Anant's sister-in-law's sister Anant's sister-in-law wants her to get married to Anant. She is a small town girl from Banaras.
Sonia 19 Chestha Bhagat Anant’s EX friend She is madly in love with Anant and is ready to go to any lengths to win his affection. She is bossy, rude and has a lot of attitude. After she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists after an incidenr involving Anant, she is never seen again.


Years Awards Categories Winners Results
2011 BIG Television Awards Taaza male Shaheer Sheikh Won[4]
Taaza female Soumya seth Won[4]
New Talent Awards Best new show Swastik Pictures Nominated[5]
Best New Actress In Lead Role Soumya seth Nominated[5]
Best New Supporting Actor Rehan Syed Won[5]
Best New Supporting Actor Meer Ali Nominated[5]
Best new on-screen couple Soumya Seth & Shaheer Sheikh Nominated[5]
Best new show(Fiction) Swastik Productions Nominated[5]
Indian Television Academy Awards GR8! face of the year Shaheer Sheikh Won
Best singer Shilpa Rao Won
2012 Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Maa Kshitee Jog Won[6]
Indian Telly Awards Fresh new face(Female) Soumya Seth Nominated[7][8]