Tere Mere Sapne(Hindiतेरे मेरे सपने) is an Indian television series that was broadcast on STAR Plus from November 4, 2009, to December 16, 2011. The serial was produced by Sphere Origins. It was shown at 1pm with other afternoon shows such asHamari DevraniRaja Ki Aayegi BaraatSapnon Se Bhare Naina. Just after the show ended STAR Plus decided to end all the other shows in the afternoon slots.


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Tere Mere Sapne

तेरे मेरे सपने


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Genre Drama


Format Soap opera
Created by Sphereorigins Multivision Pvt. Ltd
Directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh & Chetan Sharma
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Originallanguage(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 559 Total
Producer(s) Sunjoy Waddhwa & Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa
Running time 24 minutes
Productioncompany(s) Sphereorigins Multivision Pvt. Ltd
Original channel STAR Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Original run November 2, 2009 – December 16, 2011
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The show is the tale of Sarju (Yash Pandit) who was married to Radha (Ekta Tiwary) in his childhood. He loves his family and Radha immensely but when his friend Kalua (Shashi Ranjan) gets framed in a case in Mumbai, he goes to help him where he meets Kamya (Parul Chowdhury). Kamya who is a widow runs a magazine and hires Sarju for the same on the condition that he can't leave Mumbai and can't get married. Sarju lies that he is unmarried and Kamya frees Kalua who used to work in her office. Kalua warns Sarju about Kamya not being a nice person but Sarju sticks to his decision to work with her. Kalua informs Radha about it in the village and she runs away from home to go after her husband. Sarju tells Radha everything and asks her to hide their marriage. Radha agrees and tells the family that she has come to look for her husband. The family hires her as a maid. Slowly the truth of Radha being Sarju's wife gets exposed. In the meantime, Kamya has turned obsessive towards Sarju and tries everything to get close to him after she gets to know that Radha is his wife. Kamya's brother-in-law too enters the show midway and hates Sarju but later leaves. Driven by mad obsession, Kamya develops homicidal tendencies and kills Radha. But Radha is saved and returns as Sonia pretending to be a Radha look-alike. Kamya's truth is revealed with the help of Kamya's mother-in-law who doesn't like her. Kamya then frames Sarju of raping her. Radha succeeds in finding a good lawyer (Puneet Vashisht) and wins the case. Kamya is sentenced to six years imprisonment and also has to pay 1 crore rupees to Radha and Sarju who return to their village.

In the village, Laachi (Sarju's sister-in-law, played by Payal Singh) is taunted by her mother-in-law Ramdei (Roshan Khan) for not giving an heir to the family. She gets her son, Kesoo (Chandresh Singh) married for the second time to a girl, Kalki (Neha Gossain) who is already in love with someone else and is pregnant with his child. No one is aware of this. Lots of things happen and Kalki, after giving birth to her child, runs away with the family's jewellery and money. The fact that Kesoo is impotent then comes to light and Kesoo decides to seek medical help but Ramdei is afraid that this news would spread in the village and bring shame to the family name. Kesoo goes ahead, anyway, even though they now have Kalki's child to use as cover. Sarju's aunt (chachi), with her daughter-in-law and son (Mrs. Hiraman, Phoolmani and Vishnu respectively) are also creating havoc in their lives. A girl named Rani (Paridhi Sharma) who disguises herself as Meera (actually Vishnu's lover) enters the family's household and pursues Sarju. Ramdei is taken in with Meera and starts hating Radha as she feels Radha is the reason Kesoo went against her. Rani's truth is revealed and now Kalki returns. Sarju's cousin, Vishnu, mends his ways. Kalki sends Kesoo to jail by lying that his family and he tortured her for dowry. She behaves badly with everyone is the family. Ramdei slowly realizes how ideal her daughters-in-law - Radha and Laachi are.

Because everyone dislikes Kalki, they attempt to arrange for 8 lakh rupees to get her out of the house. However, they are unable to arrange the money and now everyone goes with Radha's plan to mortgage the house. Sarju and Radha talk and they get the divorce papers and affidavit to finalize the divorce of Kesoo & Kalki. Later on, they call Kalki and show her the money. Radha forces Kalki to sign the divorce papers, but Kalki rips the affidavit apart. Everyone is shocked. But the family has a second bag containing another set of 8 lakhs and the divorce papers and the affidavit. Kalki is "defeated", however, she wants to steal the baby so she persuades the family to let her stay the night and leave early morning. Laachi disapproves and insults her. Kalki gets tortured again by the family. Kalki successfully persuades Radha. At night, Kalki steals the baby from Laachi's room and Laachi wakes up shocked. Kesoo reassures her that it was just a dream and they go to sleep. The next morning, Kalki is out of sight and the baby is gone. Laachi is shocked and frantically searches for the baby. She fails and goes mad, then holds Radha responsible. Laachi then insults God, and tries to commit suicide by injecting herself with poison from a poisonous cactus plant. Luckily, she is saved, but has an illusion which she thinks is true. She sees the baby in her illusion but everyone else tells her there is no baby, and she goes mad again.

Sarju, Radha, and the others try to comfort Kesoo who feels responsible. Laachi loses her mental balance and is on medication. Mrs. Hiraman makes the situation worse by shouting at Laachi. Laachi is discharged from the hospital and everyone tells her that the baby is back. However, it's just a doll that Sarju bought from the shop. Laachi thinks it's her baby and treats it accordingly. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hiraman and Phoolmani resume their tricks. At night, Mrs. Hiraman steals Sarju's phone and calls her son, Gopal. Radha goes searching for his phone but then Vishnu takes it off them and saves them, though he is annoyed with their behaviour. Radha retrieves the phone from the living room. Sarju is suspicious when he sees the name Gopal on his contact list. Radha then knows that it was Mrs. Hiraman and Phoolmani. The next morning, Kesoo tells Radha that there is no cure for Laachi. He tells Radha to expose the truth. Phoolmani goes into Laachi's room and tells her that her so-called "baby" is a lifeless doll. Laachi takes it seriously and tells Phoolmani that she will kill her if she says one more thing about her "baby." Phoolmani is scared. Then laachi gets beter and gets pregnant and Kamya comes back for revenge on Radha so she can get her love back so she does lots of plans to make radha get lots in trouble so then Radha goes to jail for killing Gurumata (Kamya) so then sarju gets her out then gurumata throws her out but then she stays then she exposed Kamya and Ramdei throws Kamya out of the house then another news that Radha is Pregnant and Mrs. hiraman and phoolmani say sorry to Radha. That's the end of Tere Mere Sapne.

Tere Mere Sapne episodes[edit]Edit

Tere Mere Sapne Ends With Radha exposes Gurumata Radha exposes Gurumata in front of everyone. Radha tells everyone that Kamya came to the village disguised as Gurumata to take revenge on Radha and Sarju. Ramdei slaps Kamya and informs her that she was aware of her true intentions but pretended to be on her side to expose her in front of the villagers. Sarju's friend who knew Kamya confirmed about her identity and insults her and drags her out of the house. The family members are happy to know that Radha is pregnant.

Lachi and Keshu worried for Radha Gurumata wants to stay in her luxurious house. Lachi manages to stop Radha till her baby shower. While Gurumata also insists to leave the house after the function gets over. On Gurumata's order, Ramdei tells Radha to help Lachi dressing up for the function. As Sarju holds a falling Radha, he tells that she cannot look after herself. Lachi and Keshu are tensed about the Radha-Sarju muddle. Radha tells Lachi not to worry for her. Ramdei asks Radha to speak in front of Gurumata as Radha wishes to speak to her personally. Radha requests Ramdei to allow her to gift something to the family members before she leaves the house. The family members shower their blessings on Lachi at the occasion of her baby shower. Radha requests Gurumata to preach before the guests.

Radha bids farewell Vishnu yells at Phulmani and Hiraman for celebrating Radha's divorce. Radha is shocked to know that Sarju has also signed the divorce papers. Ramdei tells Radha to leave the house as soon as possible as she cannot tolerate her presence any more. Gurumata tells Ramdei that the shadow of death wandering on their house will vanish as soon as Radha leaves the house. Sarju tries to stop Radha, but she is determined to leave the house. Radha bids farewell to each of her family members.

Radha and Sarju sign the divorce papers Hiraman tries to provoke Ramdei against Radha and tells her to check her luggage before she leaves the house. The family members are shocked as the lawyer informs them that the divorce papers are ready and he just needs Sarju and Radha's signature on it. Lachi tries to stop Radha, but she signs the divorce papers. Sarju refuses to sign the divorce papers, but Gurumata threatens Sarju of dire consequences. Sarju signs the divorce papers. Vishnu overhears Phulmani and Hiraman's plan to get Sarju married to Phulmani's younger sister.

Gurumata feels happy Gurumata is thrilled about Radha's departure. Gurumata insists to have dinner with Sarju, for which Ramdei orders Radha to serve the food. Ramdei insists the lawyer to get the divorce papers ready. Vishnu shouts at Hiraman and Phulmani to plan about occupying Radha's room and also threatens Phulmani to come out from her evil wishful thinking. Gurumata and Sarju get into a heated conversation, and Ramdei interprets them.

Radha agrees to divorce Sarju Ramdei insists Radha to get divorced before leaving the house to which she agrees. Radha decides to stay in guest room until the divorce formalities are over. Gurumata stops Sarju from admitting the truth in front of his family members. Lachi and Keshu plead Sarju not to get separated from Radha. But Hiraman and Phulmani are happy over this. Vishnu yells at Hiraman and Phulmani for having sweets. Sarju tries to console Radha, but she is too upset to listen to him. Radha sarcastically applauds over Gurumata's win on Sarju. Sarju comforts Radha and Ramdei see this.

Ramdei suggests Radha-Sarju get divorced Sarju is shocked to hear Ramdei say that he should divorce Radha. Radha is willing to leave immediately but Ramdei stops her from leaving, saying she should complete her penance and finalise the divorce before she leaves. Sarju is unable to explain to the family as to why his and Radha's relationship has gone sour. Lachi and Kesu blame him for hurting Radha. Lachi begs Sarju to dissolve his differences with Radha. Kamya gets worried. Phulmani and Mrs Hiraman can't wait to rule the roost after Radha's exit. Radha gets angry with Sarju and refuses to talk to Sarju. Kamya begins to pack up.

Kamya tries to stop Sarju Kamya is shocked to learn that Sarju is sending Radha to her maternal house. Radha sees Kamya and Sarju holding hands and going to her room. She picks up a fight with him. Sarju is miserable being curt with Radha on Kamya's demand. Radha refuses to leave the next morning and fails to understand Sarju's behaviour. He threatens to kill himself if she doesn't leave. Kamya doesn't want Sarju to leave Radha to her maternal house since that will ruin her plans. Kamya tells Ramdei that Radha cannot leave till she has completed her penance and says she needs to actively stop Sarju. Ramdei does as told.

Sarju shocks the Mallahs Sarju walks out of his wedding anniversary celebrations. Kamya keeps reminding him that he shouldn't go back to his room tonight. She is heel bent on creating problems between him and Radha. The Mallahs wait for Sarju's return. He comes home and says he has arranged to send Radha back to her house. Lachi is sleepless thinking about Radha and Sarju. Phulmani tells Kamya that Sarju has decided to send Radha to her maternal house.

Kamya asks Sarju to do the impossible Phulmani pretends to help Lachi with decorating Radha's bed and starts spreading thorns on the bed. Kamya steals Radha's wedding saree and cuts it up into pieces. Sarju continues to treat Radha oddly, hurting her time and again. Phulmani asks Vishnu to not be so fond of Radha and Sarju. Kamya asks Sarju to stay in the room with her and not be a part of the anniversary celebrations. She also asks him to not go to his room all night and spend the night in her room.

Radha and Sarju's wedding anniversary Radha asks Sarju to tell her the real reason for his changed behaviour and asks him to swear on her that he isn't hiding anything. He denies everything and blames her for everything. He is rude to her even at the dinner table and refuses to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Vishnu, Lachi and Kesu decide to cheer Radha and Sarju. Phulmani is upset with Vishnu's excitement for Sarju's anniversary party. Ramdei also notices that Sarju and Radha are acting odd.

Sarju gifts a necklace to Guru mata It’s Radha and Sarju’s first marriage anniversary and Radha is in high spirits. She wishes Sarju while he pretends to sleep. While rummaging in the cupboard, she finds a necklace and thinks that it’s a gift from Sarju. Sarju is sad that he can’t do anything for Radha. Mai gives Radha a gift for her anniversary. Phulmani gets jealous of Radha. Mai tells her to take the blessings of Guru mata. In Guru mata alias Kamya’s room, however, she finds Saurju gifting the same necklace to Kamya. When Radha protests about it, sarju argues and defends Kamya. Hearing this, Radha leaves the room in tears. Mai and Lachi suspects that something is not right between Radha and Sarju.

Radha enrages Kamya Phulmani and Kamya are surprised to see Radha cooking with dry firewood. Guru mata pretends to guess that Phulmani poured water on the firewood. Phulmani tells guru mata to eat what Radha served saying she has mixed something in the food. Kamya says Radha will have to eat before her since she is performing penance. Kamya promises Radha with more hardships. She hacks another plan with Sarju to hurt Radha.

Phulmani creates trouble for Radha Phulmani asks Vishnu for new bangles. Guru mata is surprised to see Radha cooking all the food by herself. She tells Ramdei that Radha's cooking can't be used in the puja since she cooked it on gas and not on timber. She asks her to cook everything all over again. She hints at Phulmani to make the timber wet so that Radha will have difficulty cooking. Sarju feels bad seeing Radha struggle with the cooking. He brings dry wood for her but leaves without saying a word.

Kamya provokes Sarju Kamya continues to flirt with Sarju and takes every opportunity to make her jealous. She tells Radha that Sarju has lost faith in her and cannot forgive her. She says he wants to eat with her to make sure that the food isn't poisoned. Ramdei is happy to know that Sarju has started believing in guru mata. Phulmani and Mrs Hiraman find guru mata's behaviour strange and decide to investigate. Kamya asks Radha to eat from her half-eaten plate so as to repent her misdeeds. Sarju gets annoyed with Kamya's behaviour and decides to teach her a lesson.

Guru mata tries to provoke Radha-Sarju Phulmani and Mrs Hiraman wonder how to get rid of the jewellery they stole from guru mata. Guru mata fakes being in pain and makes Radha press her feet. She continuously tries to provoke Radha and Sarju. Later, Radha asks Sarju to accompany her and tell the family the truth about guru mata being Kamya and their past with her. Sarju asks her to not take any such step. Kamya keeps calling Sarju to her room and flirts with him. She threatens to send Radha back to jail if he doesn't obey her and asks him to give her medicines.

Guru mata saves the Mallah family The villagers come to the Mallah house in protest of Radha's release. They demand that guru mata be asked to live anywhere else but their house. Guru mata intervenes, sides with the Mallahs and asks the Mukhiya to not outcast the family saying she has forgiven Radha. She says Radha will repent her actions by serving her. The Mukhiya warns Radha and leaves. Sarju is rude to Radha owing to Kamya's condition of acting the way she demands for the next 15 days. Lachi tries to tell Radha that she should be grateful to guru mata for everything that she has done for her and the family.

Radha is released Guru mata's statement leads to charges against Radha being dropped. Sarju rushes to the court to get Radha's release papers at the earliest. Radha asks Sarju if Kamya has forced him into a deal for her release. Kamya leaves the hospital against the doctor's repeated requests. Radha is forced to listen to insults on her way back home. Sarju remembers Kamya's condition and doesn't talk to Radha. Radha tries to gauge what's troubling Sarju. Mrs Hiraman asks Radha to stay away from guru mata.

Guru mata regains consciousness Police find out that guru mata has not gained consciousness yet. Sarju begs guru mata to save Radha from imprisonment when she regains consciousness. Guru mata puts a condition that Sarju has to give her the rights of Radha for the next 15 days. Doctor stops Kesu and Ramdei from visiting guru mata until police take her statement. Lachi, Mrs Hiraman and Phulmani come visit guru mata. Guru mata refuses to give a statement and asks police to give her some time to recall the incidence and insists that they release Radha for the time being. Guru mata threatens Sarju with Radha's imprisonment and asks him to surrender to her condition.

Only Kamya can save Radha Lachi's health deteriorates after Radha's verdict. Ramdei and Kesu learn about Lachi from Mrs Hiraman. Doctors insist that Lachi shouldn't stress herself and admits that he cannot help the family next time as he is aware of the village head's decision. Advocate fails to get a bail for Radha, as the police have a strong witness against her. Advocate admits that it is only guru mata who can save Radha from imprisonment. Sarju tells Kesu about the critical situation. Police misbehaves with Radha and also stops Sarju from giving food to her. Sarju waits the whole night at the station and meets Radha the next morning.

Radha gets arrested Village Panchayat hands over Radha to the police. Mrs Hiraman and Phulmani try to steal guru mata's belongings from her room but hold themselves back after hearing the police siren. Police investigate guru mata's room as per Radha's description of the incident. Police find a letter in which guru mata holds Radha responsible for her present condition. Police take Radha into custody. Doctor informs Ramdei and Kesu of gur mata's condition. Vishnu taunts Mrs Hiraman and Phulmani for their behaviour. The village Panchayat head comes home to inform the Mallahs that their family is being segregated from the rest of the village, until Radha's decision is taken.

Radha bears the villagers wrath The Panchayat's verdict is in guru mata's favour. They say it is liable to punish Radha, once she is well. Lachi pleads with the Panchayat to take Radha home. Radha falls down and asks for water, but the Panchayat does not allow her to drink water. Panchayat decides that Radha should remain without food and water. Phulmani comes up with a plan of acquiring guru mata's money and jewellery in the mean time. Sarju comes along with the police and assures the Panchayat, that the convict will be punished.

Radha's presented in the village panchayat Villagers accuse Radha of attempting to kill guru mata and drag her to the village Panchayat. Vishnu comes to her rescue and fights villagers away. Mrs Hiraman and Phulmani provoke the villagers against Radha. Lachi shows her concern towards Radha. Sarju takes guru mata to the hospital. Villagers insist that Radha maintain a fast until guru mata gets well. The police interrogate Sarju about the issue. Ramdei accidentally admits to the police about Radha forcing guru mata to drink the poison. The doctor says guru mata is in a delicate situation.

Kamya frames Radha Guru mata pretends to be good hearted in front of the family members and claims that Radha forced her to drink poison. Mrs Hiraman insists that Phulmani spread the news about guru mata in the village, but she denies as she is scared of Kesu. Sarju learns about the situation and tries to save guru mata. Mrs Hiraman spreads the news in the village. Guru mata faints as the poison spreads in her body and in the meantime, the ambulance arrives. Ramdei refuses to believe Radha.

Radha catches Kamya red handed Radha realises that she needs to regain Ramdei's faith. When she gets worried about a dry leaf in the puja ghar, Radha shows her how it is done. She presents the possibility that guru mata might be trying to scare her. Radha tries to get in touch with Sarju. Radha waits for Sarju while Kamya waits for her stock of alcohol. When Radha hears someone sneak into the house she goes to check and sees guru mata's servant. Radha catches Kamya red handed, taking alcohol from her follower. Kamya and Radha get into a tussle. Kamya threatens to kill herself so that the family blames her for it.

Guru mata begins to get worried Radha goes out to look for Guru mata to see what she is up to. Guru mata comes home and asks to talk to Ramdei alone. Radha decides to tell Sarju about the fake snake. Ramdei tells Radha that guru mata suspects she has told someone about the bad omen at home. Kamya begins to get uncomfortable with Radha's questioning and vague behaviour. Radha desperately tries to get in touch with Sarju.

Guru mata tries to cover her trakcs Guru mata realises that Radha doubts her authenticity and has started to feel that she is the same old Kamya. She begins to take precautionary steps to keep her cover from blowing. Kamya tries to sneak out the fake snake and get rid of. Deepu steals the bag while she is busy talking to the Mallah women. Guru mata gets tensed when she realises that Deepu has her bag. Everyone gets shocked when guru mata threatens to slap Deepu. A piece of the snake is left with Deepu. He tries to hide it in a sack of grains and Radha finds it when he drops the sack. She remembers the previous night when Ramdei saw a snake.

Radha sees through Kamya's tricks Ramdei prays to god and asks him to help her through the difficult times. Radha overhears her prayer. Radha asks Ramdei to tell her the truth and not worry alone. She finally tells her the truth and Radha realises what Kamya or Guru mata is up to. Ramdei feels guilty about telling Radha and decides to confess to guru mata. Radha tells guru mata a lie and observes her reaction. Guru mata realises that Radha was acting very confident and wonders if she has realised that she is the same old Kamya.

Guru mata scares Ramdei Guru mata tells Ramdei that tonight is going to be a night for vigil and that she has been sent to protect the family. She also asks her to keep the information to herself and stay up all night, chanting. Ramdei sees a snake that guru mata keeps on the couch. She moves it before the family comes. The incidence leaves Ramdei shaken and worried. Radha is convinced that guru mata aka Kamya has something to do with the recent unfortunate events at home.



A simple girl from a small village, she believes in living life to the fullest and supporting her husband in everything he does. She has a certain naivete about her that along with her daredevil attitude makes her very attractive. Simple and sensitive, with zeal to live life to fullest, Radha can give Sarju serious competition. They are a match made for each other even though both are unaware of it as yet. Although she will remain submissive to her husband in front of elders, in the private moments, she is the boss and Sarju's high ended attitude will also have to one day subjugate to her enchanting personality.


Sarju is a simple, honest small-town boy who is down-to-earth and wants to do something in life to make his parents feel proud of him. He is impressionable, cute, mischievous, almost childlike, and above all spirited. Youthful and attractive, he is able to get attention from men and women alike in any gathering he goes to and somewhere understands that the women give him attention. However the village belles have a different way of displaying their attraction towards him - they fight and crib about him and deliberately tease him only to pick fights with him and at all such times, Sarju being the simpleton take the fights a little too seriously & feels that he does not understand women (with the exception of his mother of course).


Kamya was the woman who helped Sarju in the city. She fell in love with Sarju, but was devastated to find out that Sarju is married to Radha. Her love is now obsessive and she wants to separate Sarju and Radha. She had tried killing Radha earlier, but failed and Sarju found out her truth and started hating her. Now she has once again entered Sarju and Radha's life.


Character Played by
Radha (Main lead) Ekta Tiwari
Sarju (Main Lead) Saurabh Pandey / Yash Pandit
Maaji Sulekshna Khetri
Shambhu Gnyan Prakaash
Kesoo Swati Shah
Laachi Payal Singh
Kamya Parul Chaudhary
Meera/Rani Paridhi Sharma

Broadcast time[edit]Edit

Tere Mere Sapne was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 1:00pm in India